For Employers

Our platform provides a self-guided professional learning experience to help employees discover their desired career paths through interactive exercises that enhance professional satisfaction and performance. We help employees achieve their Live. Work. Happy. ethos by providing an opportunity to better understand motivating factors and desires that will accelerate their career growth. Examples of skills and learnings:

Learning How to Manage Up
It Takes a Village
How to Maximize Your Success
EQ: Being a Great Team Member

This is the Why

Real ROI For Your Business

• Give employees space to learn and grow.
• Empower employees to progress toward career goals.• Drive satisfaction, retention, and a healthy work culture.• Measure team impact.
• Develop skills for future leaders.
• Emphasize the democratization of the workplace.
• Grow revenue and customer satisfaction by helping employees grow professionally.

Increase Performance and Productivity

myNextory’s powerful AI platform provides strategies to increase employee engagement, performance, and retention. Whether challenges stem from inside or outside the workplace, our coaches partner with employees to get them through the moments that matter.

This is the How

The myNextory Platform

myNextory’s AI platform has a multitude of features. We have a best-in-class Personality Assessment that shows an employee's 12 workplace attributes. In addition, our “Foundations” module is designed to unlock the goals and aspirations of an employee. Employees can discover the one word that will govern their year of living and working happily, the principles in which they live, and career stakeholders. This is just the beginning. There is so much more to explore with myNextory.

Career Advisors

In addition to the platform, participants are able to utilize career advisors to help themselves grow. You can reserve sessions to be advised by a real career path advisor to help you progress your career. Executive coaching is also available to help participants reach their full management potential.

Career Workshops

Customers can also access customized career workshops that are developed based on answers entered into the platform. Workshops cover a range of topics to ensure employees are maximizing their career potential.

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