About Us

Since our inception, we have been intentional with building the myNextory platform based on a shared vision and mission anchored in values that we hold ourselves accountable to as we progress. These values are non-negotiable! And they factor into both who we hire and with whom we choose to do business.

Our Mission

From our research, we know that employees want a clear vision for their career paths, as well as guidance around how to get there. Lack of clarity and guidance is one of the main reasons employees leave their job. For the last 30 years, professional development plans and career path guidance have helped employees not only succeed in their jobs, but in their career development too. No one has more skin in the career game than employees. And no one has more at stake than the employer. Recruiting, hiring, and onboarding new employees comes at a cost. So why not give your employees the tools to help them identify their vision, determine their professional development objectives, and take ownership of steering their career path within your company.

Our Vision

Become the only digital, AI-powered career development learning experience platform by enabling individuals to own their career path decisions via understanding their motivations, behaviors, intentions, insights and work/life goals so that they can live and work happy.

Our Values


We do the right thing every time, even when its hard.

Outcomes Matter

We are successful when the people who count on us are successful.

In it Together

We share our good and tough days together and lift each other up to be our very best.

Fresh and Easy

We endeavor to be innovative yet simple to use. 

Customer Obsessed

We work to inspire and enable each user to have the career and life they dream of having.

Meet our team members

We have assembled a passionate and compassionate team of hungry, humble and smart individuals aligned on building a very special company and community and solving a big problem in the market that cannot be solved simply by only providing career coaching (analog or digital) services to employees. 

Our Advisory Team

Ajay Patel is a seasoned senior executive with 25+ years of achievements in start-ups, Big 5 management consulting firms delivering solutions and services for growth. Ajay can attribute a lot of his success in business to his core competencies in Strategic Leadership.

Jonathan Brassington was the leader of Capgemini’s Digital Customer Experience (DCX) practice in North America. He helped clients craft successful digital customer experience strategies, put them into practice, and continually optimized them for long-term success.

Araceli Gauna-Guenther is the Executive Principal at Victrix & has over 20 years of executive management experience strategic projects for companies in the U.S., Latin America and Europe. She has worked with IT software firms globally focusing on the use of emergent web, mobile and cloud technologies and digital transformation.

Allan Frank is the President of Think New Visions who has extensive experience in setting strategy, implementing and operating core business processes, product development, marketing, internal IT management, software development and building a world-class technology services organization.

Renae Flanders is the Chief Executive Officer at Private Health Management. Renae is a seasoned operational and financial executive with 25+ years of broad-based business and leadership experience.  She has a proven track record of driving shareholder value, managing complicated M&A transactions, and leading multi-disciplinary teams.

We Are WBENC Certified

myNextory is proud to be certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) a leading non-profit organization dedicated to helping women-owned businesses thrive.

Start your employees on their career path journey.