A Career Path Management Platform for All Employees

We provide career advisory solutions and a coaching methodology that inspires and informs every employee at all levels so they can thrive throughout their career.
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About Our Product



We seek to align key values and principles to democratize career pathways for every employee and accelerate professional growth. 

Personalized  Advising

Personalized Advising

We provide performance insights and advisory solutions to improve employee engagement, productivity and retention.


All About the Data

We use behavior data and responses to create customized learning experiences for employees. 

Being customer obsessed is one of our core values.

Customers trust myNextory to better understand and help them invest in their employees across industries including: healthcare, financial services, consumer products, and technology

My advisor helped me find my career spark again, and for that, I'm extremely grateful!"

Talent Acquisition

"By investing in myNextory, our employees now feel we have invested in their development. This translates directly into happier, more productive employees.”

Financial Services Company

"This was instrumental in my adaptation as we revisited these frameworks and explored my strengths, passions, and purpose through a series of exercises and one-on-one coaching sessions."

Marketing Manager

“My campus did not prepare me for charting my career path. I am 3 years out of college and now in my 2nd company and thanks to myNextory,

Early-Career Associate

 I am grateful for the practical tools on how to communicate more effectively with my team. With our work, I have made steps toward positive changes in my life." 

Mid-Career Software Developer

"Thank you! myNextory helped me identify my strengths and manage the changes in the company’s transition."

Sales Leader

"I now have the tools and the confidence to have meaningful conversations with my Manager on my career growth goals”

Early-Career Finance Associate

"I loved having the ability to navigate the learning experience at my own pace to self-reflect on my personal and professional life."

Director, Health care

Designed to fit any size team, in any size company.

Employees have the most at stake with regards to their career development. However, we know that employers who align their key values and principles with their employees, and invest in their career satisfaction and professional development have higher rates of employee engagement, productivity and retention.

How We Got Started

We have focused our careers on our passion for helping people grow so they can grow their organizations. We have worked inside and alongside over 200 companies in a broad range of industries, nationally and abroad, at every stage and size – from start-up to publicly-held Fortune 100. But that's only part of our story! Combined, we have nine young-adult children in our families, and we've watched and helped them navigate their early career experiences in this modern, digitally-enabled, working world. We have watched their friends face disappointment in their first (and second!) career experiences. And we know there has to be a better way to find, win, and succeed in the right role for them. After all, you don't have to be miserable at work! That's why our ethos is "LIVE. WORK. HAPPY."

Our team shares our passion for building a platform that democratizes career success. Together, we have built myNextory for YOU and everyone who wants to own their career and life. myNextory is the first, scalable career-path management platform that enables anyone to manage their own career success through every stage of their life, as if a career advisor was right there with them. We are a Philadelphia-based, women-owned business that looks forward to building and supporting a community that collectively navigates and discovers its personal and professional journeys.

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