Nov 8, 2023

How We Built This

We focused our whole careers on our passion for growing people so they can grow their organizations.

How We Built This


Grace and I have focused our whole careers on our passion for growing people so they can grow their organizations. We've worked inside and alongside over 200 companies in a broad range of industries, U.S. and abroad, at every stage and size, from start-up to publicly held Fortune 100.

Making it Personal

But that's only part of our story. We have 9 young adult children in our families and we've watched and helped them navigate their early career experience in the modern, digital-enabled working world. We saw their friends have disappointing first (and second!) career experiences. We knew there had to be a better way to find, to win and succeed in their right role for them. You don't have to be miserable at work! That's why our ethos is "Work. Live. Happy."

Our platform is not based on theories or hypotheses; it's grounded in our extensive experience and those of our amazing team that we have built. 

Inspired by Walt  (Grace is a former Disney Cast Member)

Walt Disney once said, "You can dream it, build it, and create it, but it takes people to make it a reality." We believe that organizations thrive when their people grow. As we found ourselves spending more time providing career advice to professionals, we realized that we could help a whole lot more people if we could clone ourselves.

That's when the idea for myNextory was born. We knew we had a proven methodology for helping people find career success and happiness in tangible ways, but we needed a scalable solution to reach more individuals. At myNextory, we share a passion for helping people find the right job, in the right environment, and on the right career path. We believe that when these elements align, magic happens. Careers flourish, companies grow, and individuals find fulfillment.

Our platform is designed to solve significant talent problems faced by organizations. It helps retain and engage high-value talent at every stage of their careers, from new professionals in their first or second jobs to mid-career rising stars and high-potential performers.

What myNextory Isn’t

We are proud to say that myNextory is not just another coaching or upskilling platform. It is a self-managed career success platform that empowers individuals to assess, own, and navigate their own career paths. We call it the democratization of the career path.

The impact we aim to make is substantial. According to McKinsey, 94% of employees say, "If you invested in me, I would stay." Companies have recognized the need to invest in their employees, but no one has cracked the code of creating a killer platform experience for employees at every stage of their careers—until now.

We have capitalized on a massive market opportunity, with a total addressable market (TAM) estimated at $20 billion. According to Gartner, the expected spend on digital training and development will reach $398 billion by 2026. Our product fills a gap in the market by providing a powerful platform for individuals to assess and own their development and career paths.


With our 1.0 version launched in February 2023, we already have several companies using the platform, and more clients are ready to join. Participants on our platform have shared how it has made them think deeply about their work and life, and they appreciate the tools, insights, and support we provide to craft their career paths at their own pace.

We are not stopping at the 1.0 version. We have exciting plans for our 2.0 product, which includes additional highly personalized and relevant content journeys for employees,, technical enhancements (including leveraging more AI), robust reporting/dashboards for us and our clients, and a roadmap for more rigorous career pathing. 

The time is right for myNextory. Employers who partner with us demonstrate a genuine interest in investing in their employees' careers and lives. They understand that growth and development are essential to their success as well. By offering myNextory, companies gain insights into their workforce and create an environment where employees are aware of the possibilities for their careers. The business impacts include increased employee engagement which shows up in so many ways–employee productivity, lower attrition and company cultures of continuous  learning and development.

For employees, myNextory provides unparalleled access to career advisory services at every stage of their journey. It offers growth opportunities, deep self-discovery, and a better understanding of who they are and where they want to go.

Thank you for joining us on this journey to bring myNextory to everyone who wants to live and work happily. Together, we can make career success accessible to everyone who wants to live and work happily. At myNextory, we firmly believe that your career is too important to leave solely in the hands of your manager or external circumstances. That's why we've created a platform that puts the power of career success in your hands.

The Future

As we look ahead, we see immense potential for myNextory to not only serve as a valuable B2B (Business to Business) solution but also as a platform accessible to individuals directly. We envision a future where every employee has the opportunity to take control of their career path, leveraging our self-guided career discovery process and accessing personalized career advice and resources. We have the product, the customers, and the momentum since our launch on February 7th. We know we have achieved product-market fit, and the response from participants and companies has been overwhelmingly positive. The demand for myNextory is real, and we are ready to seize this opportunity.

We know  myNextory is more than just a platform. It's a movement—a movement that empowers individuals to take control of their careers, discover their true potential, and find fulfillment in their professional lives. We have the experience, the passion, the team and the proven methodology to solve the significant talent problem faced by businesses of all kinds.

We believe that our platform is the missing piece in the career development landscape and that we can revolutionize the way people navigate their careers. Together, we can unlock the potential of every individual, create happier workplaces, and shape a future where career success is accessible to all. 

Start your employees on their career path journey.